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Arrival and settlement of the Dutch[ edit ] 17th century watercolor of Fort Zeelandia See also: Sino—Dutch conflicts In Augustthe Dutch were expelled from the Pescadores, having failed at their attempt to use military force to coerce Ming China into trading semnale comerciale pentru forturi them.

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Led by Martinus Sonckwho was to be the first Dutch Governor of Formosathey decided to move to Formosa to continue carrying on with trade, and after a day's journey, arrived at the settlement of Taiwan, or Taoyuan.

Although there were already 25, Chinese in the island, [2] and their number increasing due to the war, [3] they did not oppose the large Dutch force.

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Initially, trade was not as forthcoming as they had expected until, after the departure of Cornelis Reijersen Reyerszoon and his succession by Sonck, the Dutch and Chinese came to agreement on trade. There existed a series of sandbars extended from south to north; the east semnale comerciale pentru forturi of such sandbars was known colloquially as the Tai-chiang inland sea.

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The new fort was sited on the largest sandbar to control the channel for entering the inner sea. This would allow direct access to the sea and with it, supplies and reinforcements from Batavia in event of a siege.

Analiza prețului aurului - 28 octombrie

Both forts were at locally high elevations, which enabled the exchange of signals between them. In addition, the site lacked adequate supplies of fresh water, which had to be shipped from the Formosan mainland. Koxinga's conquering and the Dutch surrender[ edit ] Bust of Koxinga in Fort Zeelandia Museum Main article: Siege of Fort Zeelandia On 30 AprilMing dynasty -loyalist Koxinga laid siege to the fortress defended by 2, Dutch soldiers with warships and 25, men.

After nine months and the loss of 1, Dutch lives, the Dutch surrendered on 1 Februarywhen it became clear that no reinforcements were forthcoming from Batavia present day JakartaJavaIndonesia and when the defenders ran short of fresh water.

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In return, all officials, soldiers and civilians were free to leave with their personal belongings and supplies. On 9 February, Coyett officially surrendered the fort and led the remaining Dutch forces and civilians back to Semnale comerciale pentru forturi by sea,[ citation needed ] ending 38 years of Dutch colonial rule.

After the siege, Koxinga took Antonius Hambroek 's teenage daughter as a concubine. The inner fort was a square and 3-layer construction.

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The lowest was for storage of ammunition and food. The second features a blank wall.

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The middle part of each side has a semicircle protruding barrack to strengthen the defense. Above the third story was the administrative center, including offices, garrison and church, all of them independent structures.

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There were walls on the periphery, with protruding bastion on each of the four corners, armed with cannons; a watch tower was set at the southwest bastion. The one-story outer fort was a rectangular fort, with bastions on the northwest and southwest corners, armed with several cannons. Inside the outer fort were residences, hospital and houses; the plaza was the commercial area. Construction details[ edit ] Original wall of red bricks imported from Batavia and laid by the soldiers of the Dutch East India Company Bricks were brought from Java and the mortar consisted of a mixture of sugar, sand, ground seashells and glutinous rice.

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The fort was designed to be surrounded by three concentric layers of walls and its four corners were built into protruding bastions for better defense. Its layout was typical of European forts of the 17th century.

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  2. Metalul galben a cunoscut o nouă scădere și a șters câștigurile din ziua anterioară, deși a rămas bine într-un interval de tranzacționare de patru zile.
  3. Într-un magazin atât de frumos, doar înghețată și cumpără.

Inside was the military and administration center, church, garrisons, and jailhouse; outside was the downtown. Between the fort and downtown, there were market, slaughterhouse, gallows, execution ground and city weighing station.

Dutch bond was used for laying bricks to build Fort Zeelandia. It is created by alternately laying headers and stretchers in a single course to avoid gaps. The next course is laid so that a header lies in the middle of the stretcher in the course below.

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The Dutch bricks should have a days kilning, the texture is solid and compact, and its color is red. Overview of Fort Zeelandia; painting by J.