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Elnök asszony. Helena Dalli, Member of the Commission. We want to ensure children and young people grow up to become confident adults, skilled and respected both online and offline. Making the internet safe for children remains a priority. Children are one third of internet users and an estimated million of them use social media.

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The Commission has been very active on this issue over the years, with actions ranging from funding and coordination with Member States to hard law. The European strategy for a better internet for children — the big strategy — is our framework for making the internet a trusted place for children and young people. It has been in place since and has successfully brought together the European Commission, Member States, ce puteți lucra acasă cu ICT industry and civil society to deliver solutions for a better internet for children through coordination, self-regulation and funding.

A strong concern with child safety online cuts across EU legislation. The e-Commerce Directive, the cum se face den pe internet on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive and the general Data Protection Regulation all contain provisions to protect minors online. As to future plans, the Commission will first of all be working on a comprehensive new strategy on the rights of the child, including their rights cum se face den pe internet.

The strategy should include actions cum se face den pe internet protect vulnerable children, protect their rights online, foster child-friendly justice and prevent and fight violence. We will also strengthen and modernise rules applicable to digital services in the whole EU through the Digital Services Act.

We will start with a broad consultation to make sure we get the balance right and propose measures. We will also work with Member States for the full transposition of the revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which includes a new obligation on Member States to ensure that video-sharing platforms put in place specific measures to protect minors from harmful content online.

These include mechanisms allowing users to report, flag or rate harmful content, age verification or parental control systems and transparent easy-to-use and effective complaint-handling procedures.

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Furthermore, we will present a revised digital education action plan to equip children with the skills and competences needed to thrive in this digital age. Through the current Digital Education Action Plan, the Commission is supporting outreach to schools in order to improve online safety, media literacy and digital skills. The Commission plans to update the plan, focusing on digital literacy and aiming at equipping young people and adults with the skills they need for life and work in the digital age.

As regards the European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children, the Commission has informally consulted the main stakeholders to assess its relevance and role. These stakeholders include the Safer Internet centres, industry and civil society and Member States. The preliminary feedback is positive.

Any possible update of the strategy will have to be flexible enough to be future-proof as the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, with children and young people among the most ardent and avant-garde users of technology. What we can already anticipate is that work in this area will continue to keep a fair balance between protection and empowerment measures for children and young people in formal and informal education.

I thank you and Cum se face den pe internet look forward to your comments on this. Ewa Kopacz, w imieniu grupy PPE. Pani Komisarz!

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Internet jest częścią współczesnego świata dziecka, czy nam, dorosłym się to podoba czy też nie. Dzieci i młodzież coraz rzadziej czerpią rozrywkę i wiedzę z książki, telewizji czy radia.

Wszystko, co im potrzebne, jest przecież w telefonie i na tablecie. Owszem, daje to ogromne możliwości kreatywnego rozwoju dziecka i nabywania cennych zdolności i umiejętności.

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Internet może stać się narzędziem wyrównywania szans dla dzieci narażonych na wykluczenie czy dzieci z niepełnosprawnościami. Jednak rozwijający się internet i media społecznościowe niosą ze sobą zagrożenia, na które często nasze dzieci i my rodzice nie jesteśmy przygotowani. Obawiam się bowiem, że rodzice i dzieci pozostawieni są często sami sobie z problemami takimi jak mowa nienawiści czy nękanie w mediach społecznościowych.

Dotyczy to zarówno dzieci, które są ofiarami takiego zachowania, jak i tych, które się go dopuszczają. Podobnie jest z rosnącym uzależnieniem młodych ludzi od internetu i gier komputerowych.

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Jako koordynator Parlamentu Europejskiego do spraw praw dzieci liczę na to, że Komisja w ramach planowanych strategii i zmian w istniejących już w przepisach będzie brać pod uwagę nie tylko punkt widzenia przemysłu internetowego i rodziców, ale także potrzeby i obawy zarówno dzieci, jak i młodzieży.

L-akbar wieħed kellu tmienja u sittin sena.

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Ovvjament ħarbu għaliex kienu jafu cum se face den pe internet kienu qegħdin jagħmlu ħażin. U llum smajna; it-tfal għandhom inklinazzjoni naturali għall-internet. Imma filwaqt li online huma kapaċi aktar minn dawk ikbar minnhom, fir-realtà huma esposti ħafna u ħafna aktar għal riskji kbar.

Għax bl-istess mod kif irridu lit-tfal tagħna jkunu siguri fit-triq u l-iskola, irridu naċċertaw ruħna li uliedna jkunu siguri online ukoll. Yana Toom, on behalf of the Renew Group. So I went to do my homework. I was disappointed when I found out that the last time the Commission addressed the issue was inand since then we have just forgotten the approach which was agreed. Let me give you an example. Ten years ago, we were against the fragmentation of the market, but, two years ago, we adopted the AVMS with the famous moral development of children to be defined by Member States.

The good news is that, inthe Commission announced the creation of a new Expert Group on Safer Internet for Children. So we took only eight years to take the first coordinated ceea ce înseamnă otc în opțiunile binare. I believe we have to take into account at least two important things. First, children grow fast and we have to act accordingly. Ten years for a political decision means one generation at school.

Second, we cannot solve systematic problems by projects, but this is exactly what we are doing. We have of course adopted some good directives, which we have already mentioned: combating sexual abuse, xenophobia, hate speech, GDPR, and so on, but this is not enough. What we need is a comprehensive European approach to the digital education of children, not on a project basis but in each and every school, compulsory, with good teachers, a clear curriculum, an agreed set of criteria and assessment system.

But what do we have in practice? What digital education can we speak about? I strongly believe that we have to act, but act quickly and invest proper funds, not just in the meetings or working groups, but in the schools.

Otherwise eight years later, cum se face den pe internet will be the same. Studien, aber auch viele Lehrer bestätigen: Die erhöhte Nutzung des Internets führt erstens zur Senkung der Konzentrationsfähigkeit, zweitens zum Abbau sozialer Kompetenzen, drittens zur Verwandlung dünner Kinder in dicke Couch-Potatoes und viertens zum Verlust der Schreibfähigkeit, da diese Technik nur in jungen Jahren durch beständige Übung im Gehirn verankert werden kann.

Wir reden hier noch gar nicht über die inhaltlichen Gefahren des Internets, die den Kindern drohen — sei es Ausspähung, Grooming oder die Konfrontation mit Gewalt, Pornografie und Fake News.

Die EU sollte daher keineswegs die Nutzung des Internets durch Kinder fördern, denn selbst die angeblich ungefährlichen, zumeist aber unendlich stupiden Spiele führen zu Konzentrationsverlust und nehmen die Zeit für andere schönere, wichtigere Dinge.

Die EU sollte sich auch nicht als Erfüllungsgehilfe der Digitalindustrie verstehen, die möglichst früh Zugriff auf immer jüngere Konsumenten haben will. Genauso wie man Kinder vor Alkohol und Pornografie schützt, sollte man sie auch vor solchen Dingen schützen, die sie vor allem verblöden lassen.

Children should feel safe to go online, they should remain curious to cum se face den pe internet, to site- uri pentru găsirea investitorilor pe internet, to innovate. However, having looked at the web page of the Safer Internet Day, I discovered with horror that, during the Safer Internet Day, discussions were focused on how artificial intelligence can be used to identify and remove child sexual abuse material.

We, as legislators, are just about to analyse and address the opportunities and the cum se face den pe internet of these technologies. Therefore, it seems to be premature indeed to consider AI a silver bullet to solve all problems. Je me réjouis de la lutte contre la cybercriminalité, ainsi que de cum se face den pe internet lutte contre les contenus violents, contre le slut shaming concernant les jeunes telegrama linux.

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Vous avez raison. Enfin, Madame la Commissaire, dans votre communication, vous appelez à un numérique pour tous. Un zéro pointé sur ce sujet. Μαρία Σπυράκη Programul forex. Ως πρέσβειρα για το ασφαλές διαδίκτυο για όλους, πραγματοποιώ στην Ελλάδα εκδηλώσεις ενημέρωσης των μαθητών και τους ζητάω να μας δείξουν πώς προστατεύονται όταν μπαίνουν στο διαδίκτυο.

Τα αποτελέσματα είναι θεαματικά, τα παιδιά μας είναι υποψιασμένα. Όμως, χρειάζονται βοήθεια και η βοήθεια πρέπει να έρθει από εμάς και πρέπει να έρθει με την επιστράτευση της τεχνολογίας. Όλες οι μελέτες δείχνουν ότι οι εταιρείες που δραστηριοποιούνται στις εφαρμογές του διαδικτύου, είτε αυτές είναι παιχνίδια είτε αυτές είναι μέσα κοινωνικής δικτύωσης, έχουν την τεχνολογική δυνατότητα να εντοπίσουν προβληματικό υλικό στο διαδίκτυο που απευθύνεται σε παιδιά, να εντοπίσουν παρενοχλήσεις και να τις διακόψουν.

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Νομίζω πως εκεί πρέπει να εστιάσουμε και εκεί πρέπει να δώσουμε έμφαση όσον αφορά τη χρηματοδότησή τους. Ταυτόχρονα, πρέπει να δώσουμε έμφαση στην ενημέρωση των δασκάλων, των γονέων και —τελικά— των παιδιών. Πρέπει να προστατεύσουμε τους ψηφιακούς πολίτες του αύριο. Può anche essere uno spazio di partecipazione e di emancipazione, come dimostrano ad esempio i "Fridays for Future".

Tuttavia, dobbiamo cum se face den pe internet le condizioni affinché il mondo online sia sicuro per i ragazzi.

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Alcuni fenomeni sono in aumento: discriminazioni multiple e abusi online, diffusione di materiale pedopornografico, revenge porn, estorsioni a sfondo sessuale, cyberbullismo.

Ci troviamo di fronte a pesanti violazioni dei diritti dei minori, che producono traumi gravissimi. Dobbiamo incrementare gli sforzi per la lotta contro questi fenomeni. Possiamo migliorare gli strumenti di prevenzione, alfabetizzazione digitale, educazione all'uso consapevole di Internet, la produzione di contenuti di qualità ai fini dell'intrattenimento.

Possiamo rafforzare gli strumenti di individuazione e rimozione del materiale specifico dalla rete e quelli di contrasto attivo. Nella scorsa legislatura abbiamo presentato, proprio qui a Strasburgo, una proposta di legge che è stata approvata in Italia proprio sul cyberbullismo, che ritengo sia ancora estremamente rilevante. Dobbiamo quindi scambiarci le migliori pratiche, appunto, e serve una partnership forte fra legislatori, industria e società civile.

Serve un focus specifico per la responsabilizzazione di tutti per il contrasto agli abusi. Non possiamo permetterci che sia un'ennesima sfida in cui la realtà rimane un passo avanti al legislatore.

Un ambiente online sicuro deve essere per noi una priorità di azione immediata.

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Karlo Ressler PPE. Such safeguards can only be achieved with a wide collaboration of all stakeholders such as policymakers and technology companies. However, parents still have the most important safeguarding role as children continue to turn to their parents for help with online issues. We should therefore ensure a safer online environment where children can safely enhance their education, communication and connections.

Fid-dinja diġitali, it-tfal jistgħu jkunu, anzi huma spiss esposti għal materjal illegali, kontenut perikoluż, imġiba bħal cyber-bullying, fastidju sesswali, pornografija tal-minorenni u vjolenza. Iżda nistaqsi, għandna l-għodda meħtieġa, il-protezzjoni, l-għarfien u s-salvagwardji sabiex it-tfal ikunu siguri wkoll fuq bażi online? Ilkoll kemm aħna għandna responsabilità morali billi nipprovdu dinja diġitali aktar sigura għat-tfal tagħna. Στέλιος Κυμπουρόπουλος PPE. Τα μισά παιδιά δηλώνουν ότι αυτό τα έβλαψε ψυχολογικά και τα ώθησε σε κοινωνική απομόνωση.

Πολλοί γονείς αφήνουν τα παιδιά με το κινητό στο χέρι. Η εξάρτηση των παιδιών τα κάνει ευάλωτα, επιθετικά και τα απομονώνει. Το διαδίκτυο δεν είναι παιχνίδι. Χρειαζόμαστε σύγχρονη παιδεία που θα οχυρώνει τα παιδιά από αυτούς κινδύνους.

Πρέπει να εξαναγκάσουμε τους παρόχους και τις εταιρείες λογισμικού να μας εξασφαλίσουν δωρεάν ή —τουλάχιστον— πολύ φθηνό λογισμικό προστασίας των παιδιών.

Είναι απαραίτητη η ύπαρξη ενημερωμένων Cum se face den pe internet γονέων, που θα μπορούν να καταφύγουν σε μια εύχρηστη και διαθέσιμη ευρωπαϊκή εργαλειοθήκη. Χρειάζεται να γνωστοποιήσουμε τον χρόνο και τον τρόπο της υγιούς χρήσης του διαδικτύου.